About Me

My aim is to make simple, uncomplicated jewellery that myself,
my mother or my nieces want to wear every day. Life is too busy for people to have day or evening jewellery and so I want to produce pieces that are light
and easy to wear but are still lifting and brightening up any outfit or mood. I aim to make Jewellery that works on the school run, in the office or at the pub. My jewellery is classic and modern, so while it looks great today, I hope
that it will also still be worn in 20 years.

I started making jewellery about 15 years ago. From the moment I sat at a bench and picked up a file and saw, I knew that Jewellery making was were my passion lay. There have been several years when my three children were small that jewellery making became a hobby again but I am delighted that I am able to devote myself full time to it again now that they are all at school.

I love all things geometric and square. Nothing makes me
happier than a length of square wire that I can fold and bend into new shapes.
Drain covers have always been a favourite of mine as the patterns on them are something to delight at. I have started to incorporate designs inspired by them into my work by having the patterns laser cut into paper and using this paper and my roller mill to transfer the
designs on to silver.

All my work is made in Sterling Silver but many of my
pieces are then Gold Vermeil or Rose Gold Vermeil.